The Facebook Ads Mastery Guide

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The Facebook Ads Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a Social Media Marketing agency specialising in Tiktok Ads for E-commerce (Dropshippers etc). We also offer web development services to our clients.

Steady internet connection + Min 4gb RAM and 200gb Space would do.

That’s what we are about. We’ll dissect popular ads and understand what works and what doesn’t work.

I tend to employ some students to perform tasks they are very exceptional at. eg, I’m not a very skilled visual person but i can hire someone who is very passionate about visual design. You can become self-employed (freelancer).

No installments. Pay once via bank transfer via OPAY(Fast, Secure, No Network issue), send a message with your Fullname as is on bank via WhatsApp to the OPAY number. After payment is confirmed, you’ll be assigned to a class/session.

Nope. It’s the skill that matters to most of the clients we’ve worked with (Both Digital marketing and Web development alike)

It’ll be uploaded to YouTube (Bookmark the link and you can access it anytime) or download it using

We are industry professionals so YES, if you have a lead(potential client) you want to visit, we could give you advice on pricing, upsells, cross-sells etc. You also get access to whatsapp group containing student with like mindset . Its a platform where you get to hold each other accountable for your successes and failures.